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    5 November at 10:57 from atlas

    Ashburton has proven to be quite problematic with the low signal levels coming from the Sugerloaf transmitter in Christchurch. We have been installing UHF aerials around the district with huge success. We have the best signal analysing equipment on the market, as such we are able to provide guaranteed problem free operation without pixelation and channel outage. In order to achieve this, aerials and distribution systems need to be up to the latest digital standard and meet the NZ Standards for reliable signal. Most customers having problems with Freeview HD Terrestrial largely have problems with low signal, interference or poor dated distribution systems loosing signal before it gets to your equipment (decoder, freeview hd box, igloo, tivo, freeview hd televisions etc) The best advice we can give is to get a roof test carried out to ensure you are getting the required signals levels and quality of signal that meets the NZ Standards for reliable reception.


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